Minister Aurelio Lessey Instagram Автостудия Глянец “Min Aurelio Lessey is the Driven Youth Ministry youth leader.With a tremendous burden for the youth of this generation, Min Lessey has dedicated his time, money and energy to help motivate and disciple young people all throughout the city of Tampa for the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Sister Natasha Dickens

Sis. Natasha Dickens is the veteran leader of our Education ministries, which include Prayer, Tutoring services and Warriors for Christ (Middle School and High School Campus ministries). By scheduling monthly and quarterly sessions on the power of prayer and conduct cooperate prayer meetings, Sis Dickens has helped many our youth to develop a strong healthy spiritual life in Christ.”

Brother Paval Robinson

Brother Robinson leads our Services team. The team coordinates fourth Sunday night Youth Services, Friday Night Surge as well as family focus events every month to give our young people an opportunity to experience the power and presence of God.”

Brother Darius Newman

Brother Newman oversees the youth retention team. The youth retention team consist of in reach which focuses on building relations with new youth, transportation; giving an avenue for youth to attend events and guest follow up.

Sister Alethea Richardson

“Sis Alethea Richardson is the leader of the Rush team. Rush is designed to provide a laid back atmosphere where the youth can build relationship with each other, while having fun doing so. Whether it’s a photo scavenger hunt, Grand Prix, and dodge ball paintball, the Rush team are always looking for new ideas for the youth activities.”

Brother Tashard Dickens

“Brother Dickens is in charge of our community services. Community services are done throughout the year by the youth such as Adopt a block, Thanksgiving turkey giveaways, feeding the homeless and Back to School giveaways.”

Brother Leon Richardson

“Bro Leon Richardson takes care of all our promotions through social media, public announcements and web promotional.”

Sister Rebecca Bidonne

“Sister Bidonne is responsible for our fund raising team. Fund raisers are done through various sales and through mission objectives.”

Brother and Sister Browne

“The Browne’s family heads our family focus team. The team is primarily focus on connecting the families of our youth and to engage them in being united through various events and activities.”